Keeping motivated.

I shared my thoughts with friends on the weekend re my new polyphenol rich diet. We were away with them. Someone bought raspberries for breakfast and someone else supplied green tea. They were so thoughtful and they cared. I think this in itself is motivating. It was a busy weekend and not always healthy but…

Green Tea And Fat Loss — A Tribe Called Sweat

Green tea. Some love it, others can’t stand the taste. Many drink it for its health benefits, but don’t really know what it actually does for you. At a tribe called sweat we might go as far as to call it a super tea. Here’s why… Green and black tea come form the same plant, […]…

Day 2 – discovery

A little Pinot noir and a bit of chocolate last night and I feel good this morning. Maybe it’s because I have this new focus, or that I got a good nights sleep. Or that I’m also not flat out busy at the moment and also feeling good about my relationships and self. Or maybe…

My experiment

Do you have low energy? Do you suffer from Multiple Sclerosis or an illness? Are you just tired all the time?

Day 1

This is the excerpt for your very first post.